Search engine optimization

Positioning for Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines

Do you want to be number one?

SEO is the art of letting the search engine algorithm know how important your website is to users. 70% of people who search on Google don't get past the first page, you must be visible in order to sell. The process consists of three parts, analysis, result and time estimation and finally execution. At the end of each month we will deliver a study based on graphs and statistics of reading services, from these the interpretation will be made to have a clear monitoring of the service.

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Web pages are the most important piece of digital content for our brand, that’s why we apply several SEO On Page techniques by default in addition to speed, this is a positive cocktail to appear in Google.


A short message is sent directly to customers. It is the favourite of companies as it is more economical and does not require so much work, only the elaboration of the communiqué.


We use technological tools to guarantee SEO positioning, always providing the quality that the client deserves. We make the "impossible" possible, you set the limit.

Guaranteed safety

SEO friendly positioning is necessary so that search engines do not penalise
our web pages, a bad SEO eliminates the possibility of appearing in the first results.


It is important to take into account a strategy that allows us to grow our projects, Las Palmas?, Spain?, Internationally? We prepare you for any situation, we pivot with your project.


What tools do we use?



Because 51% of web traffic comes from organic search results and Google being the most popular search engine, optimisation for that search engine is especially important.

Let’s imagine that you have a shop located in Leicester Square, one of the city’s main shopping streets. What happens? Not even half as many customers come into the shop as would if the premises were located on the aforementioned avenue.

Something very similar happens with search engines. Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google because this increases the chances of a user accessing the website. On the other hand, appearing on the second, third or fourth page drastically reduces the arrival of organic traffic, i.e. visitors who come from a search engine.

Reaching the first page of Google can take between 2 and 6 months. That is the average calculated in a study of 2 million websites by Ahrefs. However, in our experience we have found that, with good SEO knowledge, it can be achieved in as little as a week.